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We believe as Occupational Therapist’s that when individuals can participate in completing their daily tasks and life roles it supports mental health and wellness. We call roles and tasks Occupations, which can include but not limited to dressing, bathing, meal preparation, home management, driving, child rearing, work, play, leisure, rest, sleep, school performance, community involvement, social participation with friends and family and many others. Occupations are tasks that individuals participate in throughout their day. Mental health effects our ability to physically complete these daily occupations. Listed below are ways a Occupational Therapist can help individuals with their daily occupations:

  • An anxious employee who struggles to focus throughout their workday

  • A depressed executive who struggles to get of bed and get dressed

  • A family member, struggling with social anxiety and finds it difficult to join dinner with family and friends

  • A worried student struggling to get through final exams

  • A mom whose trouble with sleep affects her ability to manage household tasks each day

To support this effort, ASPIRE Transitions aims to identify and implement healthy habits, rituals, and routines to support a mental wellness lifestyle. Our Occupational Therapy services teach and support the active use of coping strategies to help engage and manage personal occupations. Our program specifically addresses the impact factors such as anxiety, depression, fear, and chronic stress can have on managing family responsibilities, school performance, work challenges, sleep, social interactions with friends and family and other life roles and responsibilities. We work to empower everyone to fully participate and be successful and satisfied in his or her self-selected occupations.

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Workplace wellness programs provide an opportunity for employers to invest in their greatest assets, their employees. ASPIRE aligns with the philosophy that employees who feel valued and appreciated experience increased job satisfaction and perform job tasks more efficiently which results in increased revenue for the organization. An effective workplace wellness program aims to improve the mental and physical health of employees while facilitating a positive work morale, increasing productivity, and reducing work injuries and burnout. Here at ASPIRE Transitions, we offer a unique program tailored to the needs of your employees. Participants complete an initial assessment to identify areas of concern, followed by on-site and interactive sessions that consist of group and individualized Occupational Therapy-based services in three key areas: work safety, stress management, and preventive health and wellness education. Services include but are not limited to specialized training in coping strategies, stress management skills, ergonomic training, and work-life balance strategies for improved health and wellness.

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